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Guide for Authors

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1. Aims and scope

Nuclear Physics Review (NPR) is a comprehensive academic periodical on nuclear sciences, which is sponsored by Chinese Nuclear Physics Society and Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its aim is to enhance the academic exchanges and links for scientists at home and abroad, to promote the nuclear science developments and their applications in China and other countries.

It covers the fields of  Nuclear Physics, and related to particles and nuclei, Detectors and Experimental Methods, Nuclear Astrophysics , Heavy Ion Collision Theory and Experiment Accelerator, Ion source technology ,Radiation Biology, Nuclear Data, Nuclear Energy Theory and Experiment, Reactor Physics and Technology, Nuclear Reaction, Structure and  Spectroscopy, Research on Materials by Ion and Particle Irradiation and other related fields in the aspects of experiments, theories and their applications.


The text of the paper can be prepared using Microsoft word or any common variant Tex (including LaTex, REVTex, EMTeX, etc.), for the latter the text must be sent in pdf format. The Microsoft word format is preferred. The web-based submission for manuscripts to Nuclear Physics Review is preferred over other methods. The web-site for submission is Submission implies that the manuscript has not been published previously, and is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Please include your E-mail address, phone and fax numbers on the first page of the manuscript.


Each paper is 4-6 journal pages. The paper should be with chronically numbered figures, tables and references.

3.1.1  Abstract and Key words

Abstract and 3-5 Key words are required, followed by the Chinese Library Classification index (CLC number, see the attachment file introduction).  The following information should appear in the footnote of the first page: Foundation item, Biography and Corresponding author in the format as 

(1) Foundation item: The sponsorship with the grant number or contract number.

(2) Biography: Name(Year of Birth―), male/female(Nationality), Place of birth, Degree/Title, Research field; E-mail address.

(3) Corresponding author: Name, E-mail address. The item can be neglected if the corresponding author is the first author of the paper.

3.1 2   Figures

Figures must be numbered and be referred to in the text. Each figure with a separate caption should be placed in an appropriate place. Axes of figures must be labeled properly. In addition, in order to be convenient for the NPR editorial office to edit the figures, please supply the original (data) file, such as the *.OPJ, *.DWG, *.CDR format etc. if the figures are drawn with the softwares of Origin, CorelDraw, AUTOCAD and so on.Otherwise the high resolution original figures in TIF, EPS, JPG, BMP formats etc. should be sent as the attachment files together with your submission paper of NPR. 

3.1.3  Equation

Equations can be written by using the MathType environment or by inserting Microsoft Equation object, for example:


3.1.4  Tables

Each table should have a number and a title and should be inserted into an appropriate place. The table should be written in a three-line form.For example:

Table 1 Comparison between MCNP calculation

Location in the phantom

PDD by MCNP(%)

PDD by TPS(%)

difference between MCNP and TPS(%)





3-2 (large-body)







4. References

The references should be numbered at the right place of the first appearance in the text and every reference should be identified properly at where it is cited. The format of the references list is as follows.

4.1  Journal articles:

Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, et al. The Title of Journal, Year of publication, Volume No. (Issue No.): Start page number.

Example: HIRATA D, SUMIYOSHI K, CARLSON B V et al. Nucl Phys, 1996, A609: 131.

4.2  Books:

Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, et al. Title of the book. Version(first version can be neglected), City where the book published: Publisher, Year of the publication, Startend page numbers.

Example: MARTIN A D, SPEARMAN T D. Elementary Particle Theory. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publ Co and  New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1970, 149201.

4.3  Proceedings:

Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, et al. Title of the article.//Editor name. Title of the proceedings. City//Country where the proceedings published: Publisher, Year of the publication, Startend page numbers. 

Example: MATSUMOTO H, KAZACOV S, SAITO K. A New Design for a Super-Conducting Cavity Input Coupler. //: HORAK C ed. Proceedings of the Particle Accelerator Conference. USA: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc, 2005, 41414143.

4.4  Dissertations:

Author. Title[Ph.D. or Master Dissertation]. City where the degree obtained:  Universities’ or Institutions’ Title, Year(and month) of issue, Startend page numbers.

Example: ZHOU Lijuan. Quark propagator, QCD Vacuum Condensates and Quark Virtuality(Master Dissertation). Nanning,China: Guangxi University, Aug. 2006, 2067.

4.5  Preprint:

Example:  SJOSTRAND T, LOONNBLAD L, MRENNA S. ArXiv: hep-ph/0108264, 2001.

The manuscript should be formatted according to the NPR paper style which can be found at  

5. Copyright transfer

If the paper is accepted for publication in the journal, the copyright of the paper should be transferred to the Editorial Department of Nuclear Physics Review. The Copyright Agreement can be found at If you have any problems, please contact with us., tel:86-931-4969374。  

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